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Multiple choice Choose one answer from alternatives A-D Choose two answers from alternatives A-E Choose three answers from alternatives A-G Identifying information (T/F/NG) Say whether a statement is True / False or Not Given. Identifying the writer’s views/claims (Y/N/NG) Say whether a statement agrees with claims or views (Yes), disagrees with the views/claims (No) or whether there is no information on this (Not given). Matching information Match information to a paragraph in the text. Matching headings Match a heading from a list of possible answers to the correct paragraph or section of the text. Matching features Match a list of statements to a list of possible answers in a box (e.g. specific people or theories or dates). Matching sentence endings Complete a sentence by choosing a suitable ending from a box of possible answers. Sentence completion Complete a sentence with a suitable word or words from the text within the word limit given. Notes / summary / table / flow-chart completion Complete notes / a summary / a table / flow-chart with a suitable word (or words from a text). Labelling a diagram Label a diagram with a suitable word (or words) from the text of from a box of possible answers. Short-answer questions Answer questions using words from the text. Do you want to improve your English linguistic competence, build up your confidence and achieve your target IELTS Scores? Our team of Australian qualified TESOL Trainers & Assessors will always be there to guide you all steps of the way.

Aptitude tests are becoming a popular trend used by big businesses as part of pre-employment assessment to help them make the right hiring decision. Aptitude tests can be seen as a great way to improve your thought processing and memory skills. There are thousands of aptitude tests which can be grouped into the following categories: Numerical Aptitude Verbal Aptitude Non-verbal Aptitude Mechanical Aptitude Personality Test Other Aptitude Test Would you like to improve you test score? Click the following link to sign up and get 20% off.

Tools & Tips for Survey Questions. Tools: Surveymonkey Google surveys Social media polls Tips for survey questions: Use yes/no questions to screen participants Ex: Have you ever purchased a product or service from Health & Beauty 4 U Australia? Yes No Don’t use yes/no questions if you want to collect more data. Ex: Have you shopped at Health & Beauty 4 U Australia within the last two years? Yes, I have shopped at Health & Beauty 4 U Australia within the last two years. I shopped at Health & Beauty 4 U Australia more than two years ago. I have never shopped at Health & Beauty 4 U Australia. Keep it short (10 questions in Surveymonkey is free) There shouldn’t be many options. Use simple language For more  instructions on writing survey questions tailored to your needs, please contact us:

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