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Ensuring your success in learning

  • 24/7 HOURS and FACE to FACE online courses to assist your success in the learning process of English as an additional language are carefully designed and developed by EASY ENGLISH.
  • Our most modern learning platform allows you to learn English language autonomously at anytime and anywhere via your computer, tablet or smart phone.
  • Highly qualified and experienced English teachers / tutors facilitate and scaffold your advancement to your desired levels of learning outcomes.
  • Friendly and skilled team brings you the most satisfaction.
  • A deep approach and advanced pedagogy in English language teaching/learning are employed to ensure your most effective ways of learning.
  • Authentic learning materials are thoughtfully selected and incorporated to enable you to use English for not only real life but also academic and career paths.
  • If required, tailored- made courses are available to meet your own learning goals and purposes.


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Our Team

A skilled and friendly team

  • A skilled and friendly team whose qualifications include an Internationally recognized Master degree with a major in Teaching English as a second (foreign / additional) Language and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.
  • Over a decade of experience in designing and implementing a wide range of English lessons to a variety of international students and adults of differing backgrounds.
  • Practical and professional operational experience in Business and Management procedures, including up-to-date technological advances.

Payment Terms

We accept payment by Visa Card, Master Card, PayPal and Bank Direct Transfer.

Technical Requirements

  • Before you join 24/7 Hours Online Courses, please check that your computer has the appropriate software. The courses use Adobe Reader so that you can open and read PDF documents; Quicktime so that you can listen to recordings and Java so that you can record yourself in the speaking activities.
  • To join Face to Face Online Courses, simply click the link provided to you once you sign up for the courses.
  • Make sure you have good access to internet connection.
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